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From the magical world of JuJuBe | Harry Potter™️ wizardry.

Cheering Charms™️ is here, and magic has never been cuter!

This print brings the JuJuBe | Harry Potter™️ universe to life—with adorable, Chibi-inspired Harry Potter™️ characters and a starry night sky. Sharpen those Seeker™️ skills and discover every style and different zipper pull! One quick unzip will reveal Cheering Charms’ bewitching lining. The Gryffindor™️-inspired scarlet and gold striped lining is a gorgeous homage to the Harry Potter™️ series. 

The Lineup :

  • Be Dapper
  • Be Light
  • Be Organized
  • Be Packed
  • Be Quick
  • Be Set
  • Be Sporty
  • Fuel Cell
  • Mini BFF
  • Mini BRB
  • Mini Helix
  • MiniBe
  • Paci Pod
  • Super Be
  • Zealous Backpack

    Flying Keys™️–the print so magical, you’ll feel like you caught the Golden Snitch each time you grab your bag and head out the door! This first print in the highly-anticipated Jujube x Harry Potter™️ collaboration has something for everyone, from Gryffindors™️ to Slytherins™️! Find the enchanted keys print and luminous “Wands and Spells” lining, depicting powerful incantations. 

    The Lineup :

  • Mini BFF
  • Mini BRB
  • Be Cool 
  • Hippie 

  • AVAILABLE : 11.12.19 at 11AM.